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Our Techniques

Dr. Salego and his Massage Therapist practice several techniques in order to achieve the best patient outcomes. Below are some techniques that are commonly used in the office.

The Salego Technique
Dr. Salego uses a unique approach to all of his patients.  He is extensively knowledged in Gonstead, Diversified, Activator, and Drop Table adjusting techniques.  Dr. Salego Chooses his styles based on the need and desired outcome for each patient.  His theory is that making the patient comfortable, relaxed, and educated on every aspect of their care will increase the effectiveness of pain relief.  Dr. Salego also uses physical medicine on 90% of his patients.  Mobilization, stretching, massage, and electric stim are commonly used and have proven to improve patient outcomes.

Trigger Point Massage

 Is a form of massage that allows for the realease of muscular pain knots.  Muscles slide over one another like two sheets moving in opposite directions.  When air pockets or scar tissue get in between the sheets of muscles it causes Trigger Points.  Both Dr. Salego and his team are all qualified to release these Trigger Points through adjustments and massage.