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Chiropractic Care and ADHD in Adults and Children

The reason why chiropractic treatment is helpful is because ADHD is a neurological disorder. Chiropractic adjustments not only help to reduce nervous system disruptions in general, but an adjustment can be intentionally directed to stimulate under-active areas of the brain and calm over-active areas as well. Due to the fact that a chiropractic approach to ADHD is natural and drug-free, quite a few parents choose chiropractic care over the conventional medical practice of giving children Class 2 psychotropic drugs that have dramatic side effects including personality changes and permanent alterations in the brain. The vast majority of parents who’ve opted for chiropractic treatment for their children have observed amazing behavioral changes as a result.  Join us on Thursday April 11th from 6:30 till 7:30 for a Free information session from Dr. Joel Salego

Fibromyalgia Intensive Treatment Plan Developed and Perfected.


Dr. Salego has developed a unique treatment plan for sufferers of fibromyalgia.  So far he has treated 14 patients with his new treatment plan and has been having great success.  The treatment consist of implementing certain dietary components into a persons daily food intake, massage, and physical medicine.  Treatment plan last 3 weeks and consist of 9 treatments.  To see if this is right for you schedule a consultation with Dr. Salego.


Natural skin solutions you may not know about…



By: Dr. Justin Marchegiani

 A Friend of Salego Chiropractic and Functional Medicine/Chiropractic Physician.


With the rise of plastic surgery and dermatological procedures more people are trying to tap into the fountain of youth sparing no expense for these short lived interventions.

Before you drop a couple thousand dollars on the new cool lotion, potion, drug, or surgery try and see if the info in this article helps.

Today’s article focuses on skin health and some of the natural solutions that are available. Remember lifestyle changes aren’t instantaneous, so the following suggestions need to be adhered to for at least 30-60 days to increase the chances of getting the results you are looking for. This a 2 for 1 deal, by improving your skin through diet and lifestyle you are at the same time improving you overall health too!

Eating healthy fat may help reduce wrinkles!

According to article, fat (especially saturated fat) provides hydration a great deal of the raw material to keep skin hydrated as well as maintain the strength of the collagen and elastic fibers

“Fats provide building blocks for many components of epidermal and dermal tissues, and they are sources of energy in cell proliferation, maturation and homeostasis. Fats are sensitive to the oxidation process. However, maintenance of collagen and elastic fibers may require adequate amount of fat. Higher saturated fat intake was also significantly associated with a decreased facial wrinkling, suggesting a favorable effect of fat.”

Green and yellow vegetables also help decrease wrinkle development too. These vegetables contain phytochemicals, anti-oxidants and nutrients that help make your skin less susceptible to free radicals (which help to accelerate aging).

Wait a minute doesn’t eating fat cause heart disease?

According to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2010) by Krause et al conducted a meta-analysis (looking at a conglomerate of studies) showing eating saturated fat is not correlated with heart disease or stroke.

Again I do caution against eating higher amounts of carbohydrate especially refined sugar with saturated fat, this tends to be a deadly combination.

Many people maybe under the false impression that they are doing themselves a favor by avoiding fat, especially saturated fat, and by doing so would also be hurting their chances of optimal skin health either.

Does the food I eat cause me to break out?

The myth that has been perpetuated in Dermatologists offices for years is the food you eat doesn’t cause break outs. Dealing with patients I have seen a strong link with diet and skin health and now the current research is starting to catch up with clinical results.


The Journal of Clinical Dermatology (2010). found the more refined carbs i.e. breads, pastas, bagels sodas and even foods that contain hormones like processed meats and dairy products will increase your chances of break outs. The insulin produced from the excess refined carbs in your diet will also increase the activity of your sebaceous glands making your skin appear oilier and increasing the chance of clogged pores.

“Foods with significant sugar content and other carbohydrates yielding high glycemic loads affect serum insulin and insulin-like growth factor-1 levels, both of which promote increased production of available androgens and the subsequent development of acne.”

I understand that many of the suggestions I am making may be a little controversial. I am trying bringing everyone cutting edge information backed by research to help improve their health and that includes their skin too. It is important to note that cutting edge information wouldn’t be cutting edge if it was already widely accepted.

What to do:

  1. Remove all grains and process dairy from your diet for atleast 30-60 days. The gluten in grains tends to be a common food allergen that aggravates many peoples skin. Many people are auto-immune and actually create anti-bodies call Transglutaminase 2
  2. Eat copious amounts of high quality organic vegetables and meat.
  3. Consume about half your body weight in ounces of water (i.e. 200lb person=100oz).
  4. Spend more money on the high quality foods mentioned above and less on surgical and pharmaceutical interventions that mask the symptoms.
Supplements that can help:
1. 2 grams of high quality fish oil.
2. Collagen supplements can help improve your skin’s elasticity and decrease cellulite.
3. Coconut oil/MCT oil
4. GLA fats like black current seed oil or evening primrose oil can be very helpful especially in menstruating females.


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