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Our massage Therapist Amber is taking appointments now.  Schedule your first appointment and receive $10.00 off.  Massage are given at both offices during staffted hours


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Salego Chiropractic

1005 Idaho Ave

Natrona Heights, Pa 15065

We Are Located Next To First Niagara Bank and Mcullough Florist!


105 South Pike Road

Sarver, Pa 15065

Located in same plaza as Pifer Financial and James Heating and Cooling


Natrona Heights

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TTHR- 9am to 1pm

MW-    2pm to 7 pm

FRI-     2pm to 5 pm

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Welcome to Salego Chiropractic!

Our Practice

As a chiropractor in Natrona Heights, Dr. Salego strives to improve his patients quality of life by providing consistantly great chiropractic care.  Feel free to visit the Natrona Heights office and have a conversation about how Dr. Salego could help you today!


About Us

What We Do

Chiropractic is an alternative medicine that strives to heal patients by relieving the root cause of problems.  Instead of masking symptoms with pills or decreasing function through surgery, chiropractors can increase function while ridding the body of pain and dysfunction.  Dr. Salego specializes in several techniques to better acheive results with patient conditions.


Our Techniques

All About Chiropractic Care

Why choose chiropractic?  Why Chiropractors are effective?  Learn more about Chiropractic Care click on the link below


Learn more about chiropractic care.

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